Pina Colada

From the cocktail series comes the Pina Colada. This is pure summer in a Bottle! a pineapple explosion with a burst of coconut will leave you dreaming of warm weather and sandy beaches.

Pure Perky Peach

Our best seller is sweet but yet subtle. The lightly sparkling peach flavour is perfect for those hot summer days and takes the edge off the zestyness off natural flavoured Kombucha . One sip of the peach and you’ll be totally hooked.

Cranberry Hibiscus

This crisp and tart combination will leave you feeling refreshed and hydrated. The cranberry quenches your thirst whilst the hibiscus gives a subtle aftertaste to your booch


From the cocktail series comes the Mojito. The combination of lime and mint make the perfect refreshment for a hot summers day. The Mojito is a fresh yet dry flavoured kombucha that is best served ice cold. The drink is perfect on its own or can be used as a base in cocktails!

Raspberry and Lemon

Simply wow. Combining the awesome flavour of raspberry with the zest of lemon leaves you with a perfect combination of flavours that complement each other.

Straight up

Pure raw Kombucha at its best. Straight up 100% organic goodness in a bottle. The perfect combination of green and black organic teas creates a zesty booch with hints of fruit that result in giving you a crisp and clean tasting sparkling kombucha – try it and see!

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