Awesome Flavours.

Oh Mojito

From the cocktail series comes the Mojito. The combination of lime and mint makes the perfect refreshment for a hot summers day. The Mojito is a fresh yet dry flavoured kombucha  best served icy cold. Oh Mojito is perfect on its own or beautifully blended as a base in cocktails!

Easy Breezy

A power packed flavour crafted for the health nuts out there. If you love the ginger kick, then you’ll love this Easy Breezy. This drink is great if you’re detoxing, recovering from a hangover or just trying to do right by your body. Go on try it…, you’ll be absolutely delighted you did!

By The Pool

So unique is this flavour, we didn’t need to say anything else. A simply stunning passionfruit flavour with hints of lavender!

On The Beach

For those who have a slightly sweeter palate – this dynamic duo hits the spot. We’ve invested a lot of of time ensuring the exact balance so as not to become sickly sweet. The result? A refreshing drink, ideal for lying on the beach.

Hot Threesome

This little bundle of goodness not only sounds…Oh-so good, it also tastes amazing & is really good for you. The perfect threesome. The combination of ginger, turmeric & cayenne pepper dials up the health benefits of this super drink. Hot Threesome is ideal if you need a detox after a big night… if you know what we mean?

Straight Up

Pure raw kombucha at its best. Straight up 100% organic. True goodness in a bottle. The perfect combination of green and black organic teas creates a zesty booch with hints of fruit resulting in a crisp and clean tasting, sparkling kombucha – try it and see!

Wild Summer

Simply WOW! Combining the sumptuous flavour of raspberry with the tart zest of lemon leaves. Wild summer gives you a perfect combination of flavours delicately complimenting one another.

Dark & Stormy

There’s not much we need to say here. If you love your Ginger Beer, then switch it out for Dark & Stormy and you’ll not only have a great tasting drink, but you’ll also reap the rich rewards from the health benefits of kombucha!

The Perfect Pair

This really is the perfect pair…Crisp with just the right balance of sweet & sour. The Perfect Pair makes this zesty flavour the go to choice for your everyday kombucha hit.

Slow Sunrise

Imagine a tropical sunrise in a bottle. Feel the island flavour combo of lychee, pineapple and lime. It’s an experience you’ll never forget.

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